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 "It is intuitively evident to the casual observer...........***." 


The above is one of my favorite expressions that came from one of my university professors in a four-dimensional math class. I never understood one thing about it.


The professor had a huge head of hair and would write with the chalk in his right hand while immediately erasing with his left hand. The only way to see any of it was to sit in the right hand classroom seats. 


The whole grade for the course was based upon being able  derive one of at least a dozen theories in a totally unintelligible text book. I, and a small handful of others, guessed right and got an "A". The rest failed. So much for the value of a "formal" education. Anywho, the expression quoted above was used at the beginning of every class. 


 ***I'm using it here because, as you can plainly see, this site is being reworked and (presently) makes no sense.